Somewhat embarrassingly, my favorite piece of software on the Mac is ScreenFlow. I started using it a couple of years ago, when the program was sold by Vara Software (who were the purchased by Telestream in 2008). ScreenFlow is a screen capture and editing tool. I use it several days a week.

I updated to version 2 last week – one of those pleasant updates in which the program works well, looks largely the same, but does things better. Version 2 appears to be more stable, has improved editing functions, and has the option to export direct to YouTube. I’m happy.

One thing that I hope is improved with the update is the ability to use the BT-1 bluetooth web cam to record. I record every presentation that I make – and every class that I teach – with ScreenFlow. I had been using the Vado HD for filming (and then importing the footage in during editing), and hoped to use the BT-1 to speed up the process. For reasons yet unknown, the video from the BT-1 freezes in ScreenFlow after a couple of minutes. Part of me thinks this might be a Snow Leopard issue – things seemed to work before I made that update.