Going Mac

Apple Macbook

Last week, I attended an IBM event at their Chicago Innovation Center. There were some great presentations, but there was one particular point that I found telling:

One of the presenters made an off-hand comment that his daughter used a Mac.

Now, the presenter has a high-level position with IBM, the room I was in was filled with Lenovo PCs. Even though IBM no longer makes PCs and laptops, I am sure that IBM employees are given Lenovo PCs and that the presenter probably had several PC laptops that his daughter could use.

I asked if he was aware of the apparent disconnect. He responded that the Mac/OS X was a clear better device/platform. His daughter definitely believed that. I think we are on the cusp of a generational inflection point.

I think we will suddenly see swathes of teenagers grow up and buy Macs rather than PCs. These users are going to push for Macs at work. Things will change.