Burning Chromebook: Day 5

Chromebook and MacBook Air

Chromebook and MacBook Air

I doubt if I will have a huge need to use SFTP/SSH on the Chromebook, but I did spend some time taking a look. At the moment I believe there are two options available to me:

  1. Secure Shell Terminal emulator and SSH client.
  2. ShiftEdit.

There is also a Chrome Extension (FTP Client), but based upon the reviews this is not something I will pursue.

No issues with Chrome so far. I imported my old Safari bookmarks and plan to test Desire2Learn access over the weekend. This is where I think I might see some quirks, but D2L indicates that the browser is supported.

TweetDeck worked well. Unlike some of the early versions this version has spell check.

I don’t plan to integrate my work and home email accounts into Gmail. The webmail options are functional, albeit a little clunky. With home email I will have to decide which of the three options are best for me:

  1. Horde
  2. RoundCube
  3. SquirrelMail

MacBook Air



Office Word

Google Docs

No issues so far. Spell check does not seem to be available offline. This might be fixed by installing an extension.

Office Excel

Google Sheets

No issues so far.

Office PowerPoint

Google Slides

Some formatting issues with imported files. “Present” not an option unless using native slide format.

iWork Keynote

Google Slides


Considerable formatting issues with imported slides. Downloaded QuickTime mov, m4v, and mp4 files playable in Files.

iBooks Author

No equivalent.

Was not expecting to find an equivalent.



Works well. Did not see spell check as an option.



Tested with some basic cropping and resizing. Need to test more extensively.


  1. Secure Shell Terminal emulator and SSH client.
  2. ShiftEdit.

No issues so far.



No issues so far.



No issues so far.


Gmail and Webmail

No issues with Gmail so far. Have to configure webmail.


  • Google Hangouts

  • Screenr

  • Screencastle

Have not tested.


Google Play Music

Working well. Music Manager has uploaded the majority of my library.


Evernote Web

No issues so far.



No issues so far.