Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10

Last week I upgraded the operating system on my netbook, and used the opportunity to install Windows 7.

The upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10 went without a hitch –  a desktop alert informed me that there was a more recent version of the OS available, and then I let the computer do its thing. The only downside was a long (4 hours) wait for everything to download from the Internet, and then overwrite the existing system.

Slightly more hoops were jumped through to install Windows 7, but nothing terribly onerous. 7  pales next to OS X, but it is an improvement upon XP and Vista. It is brightly mediocre with one notable exception – the Media Center. MCE is now a pleasantly integrated part of the operating system, making the computer a powerful DVR. I don’t understand why Apple has nothing better to compete with. Frontrow and theApple TV are solely neglected, the iMac screams for an integrated television tuner. I wonder why Apple does little here.