Mobile Learning and Tweets for Keynote

Mobile Learning

I was in a Mobile Learning training session today (Out Of The Classroom And Into The World: Using Mobile Devices To Enhance Experiential Learning) care of MoLI. Along the way, I accumulated some resources that I will need to dig into later:

  • ARIS  – “an open-source tool for creating mobile learning games, stories, documentaries, place-based learning activities.” Apparently there is a bit of a learning curve, but this looks to be a fun tool for creating energizing mobile learning experiences.
  • Google Fusion Tables – Integrated into Google Docs, and a way of gathering and visualizing data tables.
  • Siftr – A service that maps social photography. At a very rough glance looks a little like a mashup of Google Maps and Instagram. Not particularly well documented, so will have to play with this one.
  • Slides Carnival – A repository of free presentation templates.
Tweets For Keynote

Tweets For Keynote

Part way through I was reminded that I had not used Tweets for Keynote for a while. What once was broken now looks to be fixed. I will have to try this again too…