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Dumb Design: Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern

This is a particularly interesting case of dumb design. The Touch of Modern website forces the prospect to login or to create an account to simply view the site and the available items to purchase. I have no idea how the site owners were able to justify this their web designer, but this is a classic example of stupidity. I cannot imagine how many potential customers are irked by this and decide to take their business elsewhere.

A trip to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Offices

I was lucky enough to visit LinkedIn’s Chicago offices (525 West Monroe Street, Chicago) last week, organized via DePaul’s Kellstadt Marketing Group. I got a quick tour of the offices, and then got to hear about the nature if their work from a panel of account executives, managers, planners, and consultants.

LinkedIn Presentation

LinkedIn Presentation

Based upon the presentation, there are two areas of LinkedIn that I feel I need to investigate:

  1. Sales Navigator
  2. Lead Accelerator

There were also some nice touches that I noticed touring the offices (which have a distinct Google vibe to them).

LinkedIn Vending Machine

LinkedIn Vending Machine

A vending machine contains various computer accessories that a LinkedIn employee might need. The employee simply has to swipe their ID card to get the external keyboard, cable, battery, mouse, etc. that they need. A clever idea that allows for employees burning the midnight oil to get an essential item with a minimum of fuss.

LinkedIn Service Kiosk

LinkedIn Service Kiosk

The tech desk / help desk has a simple kiosk where you can provide feedback via happy and unhappy faces.

LinkedIn Chicago Decal

LinkedIn Chicago Decal

The halls have been decorated with murals and designs that incorporate Chicago iconography and places of meaning.

Lastly, all the employees have adjustable height desks. I did not take a picture here, as I did not want to alarm those happily at work. However, this particularly impressed me. I liked how LinkedIn employees could easily adjust the height of their desks and move from sitting to standing. I don’t know which type of desk they used, but it looks like they could be NextDesk Terras.


I had several questions that I wanted to ask that day (, certification, growth issues, etc.) but the questions were not the right ones for the panel. However, it was nice to meet some new folks and see how they work.

The IMC Handbook (Readings and Cases in Integrated Marketing Communications), 3rd Edition

The IMC Handbook, 3rd Edition

The IMC Handbook, 3rd Edition

I was lucky enough to contribute again to the The IMC Handbook (Readings and Cases in Integrated Marketing Communications). The third edition is out now, and can be ordered online from Racom Communications.

I wrote the chapter on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search. Looking forward to receiving my copy soon, and seeing what my colleagues wrote.

Cat Credentials

cat-credentialsI have just finished teaching the 29th version of Practical Internet Marketing. As usual, I enjoyed the experience and getting to see how everyone planned to market using the Internet. However, as Chicago gets a little colder I am looking forward to getting home at a decent hour Monday nights.

One of the students shared a picture of her cat presenting the Practical Internet Marketing certificate. Reposting here…

Looking forward to the next class.


Innovative Advertising

Stukent Advertising

Open, and magically a video starts playing automatically.

I received a rather nifty package at work yesterday, one of the the more interesting examples of advertising I have seen for some time…

In the same way that some birthday cards play a message or tune as you open them, this mailer started to play an advertising video. A hidden magnet detects whether the cover is open or closed, and plays the video on a loop when open.


I was impressed.


The mysterious “Ad”

I don’t really have need of the service (, but I started to experiment with the package. At the bottom of the mailer I could see a Mini-USB port. Connecting a cable allowed me to see that the device showed up as external storage (Ad), with a video directory. Providing I replaced the existing video file there with nothing larger than 97.4 MB, I could play my own videos on the device. Neat.

When I have more time to kill, I am going to cut away the cardboard exterior, and see how I can repurpose this. Possibly in a small frame. Could make for a clever animated wallhanging.

Thank you mysterious stranger for sending me this. I hope you get some business out of this…